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Crazy Rich Coin ($CRC) is a community driven platform that promotes real estate ownership by empowering the millennials and Gen Z to be in control of their assets and create their own wealth opportunities. $CRC is allowing for fractionalised ownership of real estate by leveraging on the capabilities of blockchain technology and smart contracts.
The brand and token name took inspiration from the movie Crazy Rich Asians. The wealthy characters in the movie may seem exaggerated, but a lot is true. Real estate around the world are controlled by these 1%, and predominantly old money Families. Fortunately in these few years through cryptocurrency, vast amounts of Wealth has been created by the new generation for the new generation. Now is the chance to be a part of the top 1%. The time to land grab is here, so let’s get Crazy Rich!
Become a landlord in the metaverse through $CRC!

Dareius Lim

Co- Founder (Chief Strategist)

Donovan Goh

Co-Founder (Real Estate Guru)

Nicole Chen

Chief Marketing Officer

Wynne Ong

Master designer

Triston Soo


William Wang

Tech Leader

M Jawad Ul Hassan

Lead Blockchain Developer

arounen murdhen

Project leader

5% of the total supply of $CRC will be reserved for the $CRC team. This will be locked for 3 months, 4 months linear unlock.
5% of the total $CRC supplied will be reserved for CEX listing.
15% of the total token supplied will be reserved for treasury and rewards.
17.5% of the total $CRC supplied will be sold at private sale. Private sales will be locked for 3 months with 4 months linear unlock. There will be a hard cap of $40 000 on this sale. 50% of the funds raised at private sales will be used to provide liquidity and the remaining 50% will be used for marketing and operations purposes. $CRC will be sold at a discount of approximately 17% at private sale.
7.5% of the total token supplied will be available for sale to the public through the DEX.
50% of the total token supplied will be burnt at launch.

Step 1:

Buy ETH from exchanges platforms (Binance, Kucoin, Crypto.com, etc)

Step 2:

Set up Metamask Wallet: Meta Mask Wallet

Step 3:

Transfer ETH from exchanges platforms to metamask wallet: https://www.followchain.org/send-ethereum-binance-to-metamask/

Step 4:

Go to Buy Link and connect with Metamask wallet. Buy Now

Step 5:

Set slippage 15% and check ETH gas fee to make sure you have enough fee to swap then start swapping ETH for $CRC.

Step 6:

Import $CRC token to your MetaMask Wallet using the info as below:

- Contract address: 0xC23fa49b581fFF9a3ea7E49D0504B06D07C6FF2a
- Name: Crazy Rich Coin
- Symbol: $CRC
- Decimal: 18

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